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Adaptive clothing

We’ve worked with lots of parents in creating adaptive clothing for a range of needs. We’ve created front opening vests for premature babies. Clothing with poppers and opening seams at the side for easy access to feeding tubes.

We’ve changed fastening options for little ones with sensory processing differences. We now offer zips, poppers, baby safe & snag free Velcro and fabric ties. As everything we make is handmade, we can offer a range of changes to suit you or your child. Just message us with your requirements and we’ll start the ball rolling!…

About Us

Our eco friendly credentials

We pride ourselves on being an eco friendly company. We are not perfect, but here are some steps that we take...


We're working with Ecologi to plant a set number of trees each month to offset carbon emissions from each employees personal life and from our company as a whole. As a bonus, we plant an extra tree on top of this for each order placed with us. Our tree planting numbers each month mean that we are a carbon positive company and you can check on our progress at anytime here:


We've recently made the move over from eco thread to an even more eco friendly thread! Our new thread is made from recycled plastic bottles but still remains super soft, you would never know the difference! It's also a natural white, so un-dyed which adds even more to its eco credentials as it uses no dye chemicals and water waste during the dyeing process.


Our recent switch to green energy means that everything in our studio uses green energy to power it! Solar, wind and hydro!

Which means that our sewing machines, lights and computers are all greener too!


Gone are our non recyclable stickers and here is our brand new paper tape! We use this to seal our shipping boxes. Our new tape is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.


Our shipping boxes are custom made for us and are made from a minimum of 90% recycled materials. They're 100% recyclable and 100% compostable. They're reusable and use water based inks. The company replants trees on our behalf for each order that we place. This is on top of the trees that we plant with Ecologi each month. They're biodegradable and only certified wood is used for the pulp. The production process to make them also adheres to the clean air policy.


All of our bought fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 tested and certified to make sure that no harmful chemicals were used in the dying process. This ensures that our fabrics remain soft and safe for delicate skin.


Any custom fabric that we have specifically printed for us that you won't find anywhere else is Certified Organic. On top of that it has also been independently tested by each governing body and has been awarded certifications with Woolmark, Oeko-Tex 100 and GOTS.


Our fabric has a few steps in it's life. We start by cutting out our big items such as clothing, next up are our smaller accessories that we squeeze into the off cuts of fabric from where the clothing was cut. After that, we only have tiny pieces left and we use our scrap machine to cut small circles from the leftovers which are then made into reusable wipes. Any waste left after those processes are now too small and unusable to us... we still don't throw them away. We send them to a lovely lady who uses the tiny pieces as soft stuffing for the pet beds that she makes and donates to the RSPCA.

None of our fabric waste goes to landfill, it is all used.


The waste company that we use is an eco friendly one! They don't send anything to landfill, all of our waste is sorted and either recycled, composted or turned into energy.


Our tissue paper is custom made by a company that is part of the eco packaging alliance. It's recyclable, compostable, FSC certified, printed onto acid free paper (this means that no chemicals are left behind when it decomposes), it's printed using eco friendly soy-based inks and for each order that I place they replant trees globally on our behalf. This is on top of the trees that we plant with Ecologi each month.


We're on a Business Eco Printing subscription with Brother Printing UK! All of our cartridges are recycled and brother just refills ours when they're empty, this method cuts down on single use plastic and reduces plastic waste drastically!